ReapHuge Benefits
From Efficient, Targeted Effort

exterior_staging_1_beforeThe first and largest asset in selling a property for a quick sell, with multiple offers, at the highest price is the ability to acquire “buyer’s eyes” – the ability to actually see your house as any potential buyer would.

If a seller neglects to see and repair small and large problems with the home prior to selling, then they position their investment as a “fixer-upper”. That is a huge and costly mistake. Remember your home is the biggest investment you make in your lifetime.
When a home is in need of repairs, buyers will be justified in making low-ball offers since they’re likely to calculate the offer on inflated repair costs.

exterior_staging_1_afterBuyers will pay extra money when a home shows that the homeowner has taken pride in ownership.

Packaging your home properly and professionally will make your property stand out from the competition whether the market is booming or not.

Which home would you want to buy—or sell? This is the same home, before and after our quick and economical treatment.
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